Italian plus Diving Print

 Italian PLUS Scuba Diving

 Students will combine Italian Studies in the morning with:

-  20 hours Italian lessons

-  3 diving lessons per week with an official NASE instructor

-  Scuba lessons are held one by one

-  Duration: 2 weeks to get Scuba license

-  Minimum 1, max 8 Students

-  Minimum stay  - 1 week

-  Minimum age: 18 years old

The diving courses

Learning to scuba dive is an exciting adventure marked by beautiful scenery, memorable dives and the accomplishment of completing training that gives you access to an exclusive underwater world.

The Open Water Diver course is NASE Worldwide’s entry-level scuba certification program. The program is designed to help prepare divers to:

Independently plan and conduct non-stop (no-decompression) dives, with a qualified buddy or buddies, to depths of 18 m/60 ft, in conditions similar to those in which the divers were trained or have gained prior experience.

Make guided dives, under scuba instructor, assistant scuba instructor or Dive Master supervision, to depths of 18 m.

General prerequisites

  •       To enroll in the NASE Worldwide Open Water Diver course, students must:
  •       Meet all of the prerequisites outlined in the NASE Worldwide General Course Standards and Procedures.
  •       Be at least 18 years old by the start of the course.
  •       Medical Certificate of Eligibility in scuba diving with validity 12 months
  •       2 passport photos

Learn to Dive in Sicily!

Two weeks of Scuba Diving Courses will give you the 1st level certificate of NASE WORLDWIDE Scuba Certification program









9.30  - 13.30

in Class


Italian Class

Italian Class

Italian Class

Italian Class

Italian Class

Afternoon (2:15 pm)







Cost includes 20 hours Italian lessons + 9 hours diving

Fee: € 390 one week course; € 720 two week course


Even if participants are applicant members of Association FEDERICO II, our Insurance do not cover risk or damage occurring outside of the school. Insurance on the boat is optional but is strongly recommended. You can email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for  an insurance quotation.


For participation in sports, leisure and culinary activities promoted by Frederico II, students must declare to accept and comply with all safety rules and exempt the organization from any liability for damages related to themselves, to other persons, or property by filling out the appropriate form.